Front Gate Demolished

Well what do you know! On arriving at work this morning, someone attempted to make the practice a drive-thru, literally! A Toyota Tazz can do a fair amount of damage to a gate. Thankfully the driver wasn't injured too badly. This is the forth time our front wall/gate has been driven into/through.

Please bear with us as we get the old gate removed and a new one made up.

DMD Gate busted

Drs Duffey Martin Darby - Welcome to New Staff

From the 1st August 2014 you will notice that we have a new look to the front desk and nursing staff. This has been necessitated by some staff retiring and some new staff joining us.

In the morning we have Monique Webb and Favourite Mdletshe who continue to efficiently manage the telephone calls and make bookings. We have five telephone lines coming in to the practice and it can be very busy in the early mornings. If you cannot get through, please try again in 15 minutes or so. Remember you can also make an online booking for the next day if it is not an urgent booking. Monique and Favourite both work through to the early afternoon.

We would like to welcome Debbie to the front desk staff. Debbie has joined Monique and Favourite and will work from the mid-morning through to 18h00.

Recently, we were also very sad to say goodbye to Sr Sally Lourens after he husband relocated to Thabazimbi. We are very happy to annouce that Sr Caroline Hancock will be joined by Sr Cindy Eayrs as part of our nursing staff. Cindy is very experienced having work for a large part of her professional life in the mining sector.

A very warm welcome to you both!

Drs Duffey Martin Darby - Dr Martin makes changes to his consulting hours


Dr Shaun Martin joined the practice in 1994 and since then has always worked full time in the rooms. Recently however, with him having initiated some new endeavors, he is finding himself stretched a little. Add to that some serious road works and the unpredictability this brings, and his day has become extremely pressurized.

Currently he works at the rooms in Waterfall, runs the Hillcrest Surgical Unit in Nqutu Road where he gives anaesthetics for the patients having procedures like gastroscopies done. He also works at Cresthill Manor Rehabilitation Centre and provides cover in the Hillcrest Surgical Unit after hours till 20h00 in the evening as part of the roster.

After some thought, he decided to step down as a director of Drs Duffey Martin Darby, which then allows him to work as an independent contractor. He will then continue to work in our rooms, and all other areas he currently does, as well as putting in some time at Medicross Hillcrest which is on the same premises as the Hillcrest Surgical Unit, thereby negating the drive back to Waterfall.

The new arrangements will come into full effect from the 1st September 2013. Dr Martin will be available to be seen on:

  • Monday from 15h00 - 18h00.
  • Tuesdays from 11h00-12h30 at Le Domaine Frail Care Unit.
  • Tuesdays from 12h45-18h00 at the Link Hills Medical Centre.
  • Thursdays from 11h30-12h30 at Waterfall Gardens PCC.
  • Thursdays from 12h45-18h00 at the Link Hills Medical Centre.
  • Every fourth Saturday morning from 08h00 to 13h00 at the Link Hills Medical Centre.

We wish him well in all these endeavors!