About Link Hills Medical Centre


Link Hills Medical Centre is a multi-disciplinary healthcare facility situated in Waterfall, KwaZulu-Natal.

The practice came into existence in July 1993 when Dr Sean Duffey bought a fledgling practice which had been started 6 months previously from Dr John Flett. The original practice was located in the old Saveway Building which is now the new Link Hills Shopping Centre.

In late 1994, a house was purchased at 2 Niagara Drive and Dr Duffey moved the practice there on 1st December 1994. During the course of 1995, additions were made to the house and further rooms built on. Dr Shaun Martin, a medical school colleague and friend of dr Sean Duffey, joined him in practice, and Dr Debbie Ganesh opened a Dental Practice in the centre.

Further exapansions were made to the building in 1996 to accomodate Dr Richard Darby joining Drs Duffey and Martin in general practice, and Mrs Pam Dawson opening her physiotherapy practice. On the 1st October 1996, Dr Richard Darby merged the practice he had taken over from Dr Lennox Becker seven months previously with Drs Duffey and Martin’s practice, and Drs Duffey, Martin and Darby came into being.

"The centre currently houses five general practitioners, a dentist, a physiotherapist and an Ampath pathology laboratory depot."

During the course of 2006, further expansions were completed to the centre, adding 2 further consulting rooms for Drs Duffey Martin and Darby, 2 rooms for Mrs Mandy Pillay, an audiologist and speech therapist and a Bouwer and partners pathology depot.

With the opening of the Hillcrest Private Hospital in July 2011, Mrs Mandy Pillay (audiologist and speech therapist) relocated to the new hospital. Her rooms at the Link Hills Medical Centre were taken up by a further two General Practitioner, bringing the total number of GPs working in the centre to six, namely, Dr Sean Duffey, Dr Shaun Martin, Dr Richard Darby, Dr Karla Lott, Dr Yvonne Reece and Dr Kirsty McHarry. At the end of July 2014, Dr Kirsty McHarry unfortunately left the practice to specialize in rural health.